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    Are you living the American Dream or has it become an American Nightmare?

    Does that describe you or someone you know? Chances are that at some point you will fit into one of those two categories. My job is to make your Dream come true and not live the Nightmare.

    My dedication to you throughout the entire process is designed to make it as comfortable and stress free as I can. Together we will build and achieve a plan that works with and for you; not one that's against you. I am a difference maker and your success IS my success. After all, it is YOUR homeā€¦. YOUR Dream

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Direct Lender Specializing in Loans

With over 17 years of loan experience, advising and assisting clients create wealth, as well as increase household cash flow, Ken and his team of direct lenders are considered experts in all aspects of residential mortgage lending and assistance. Through the use of mortgage assistance, planning and equity management tools, Ken has closed over $385 million dollars in residential mortgages.

Mortgage Planning Assistance

Mortgage loan products come in all shapes and sizes. They can vary from fixed to adjustable rates or even forward mortgages to reverse mortgages for seniors. They come with different terms, timeframes and rate structures. So contact us today for your no cost, custom tailored mortgage plan.

Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
Mortgage Loan Assistance